Student Visa Information

All international students intending to enter Australia to study must apply for a student visa (an exception may be for students offered a program, such as an English language course, of less than three months). Details of the Australian Diplomatic Offices around the world where applications for a student visa can be lodged are available at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

International students normally must obtain a student visa before they travel to Australia. However, students from selected countries may apply for a student visa after arrival in Australia on a temporary entry visa. Again, details may be obtained from the nearest Australian Diplomatic Office.

Student visas are issued for full-time study. International students cannot study part-time. Students must provide evidence that they have sufficient funds to cover their tuition fees and living expenses whilst in Australia. Once enrolled, students must complete 6 calendar months of their principal course of study of their program before they can change to another education institution in Australia unless special permission is obtained.