Overseas Student Health Cover

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a government requirement. Family includes the student, the spouse of the student and any dependent children of the student up to 18 years of age who have been authorised to enter and remain with the student and who are residing at the same place of residence as the student in Australia.

You can talk to our reception if you need any help in regards to arrangement of a OSHC on behalf of you. For more detailed information on OSHC refer to

www.medibank.com.au or alternatively contact Medibank Private by phone 1800 188 188

www.ahm.com.au for Australian Health Management or by phone on 1300 225 182

www.bupa.com for BUPA or by phone on 1800 888 942

www.oshcallianzassistance.com.au for OSHCALLIANZ or by phone on 13 6742

Alternatively Compare all Australian Government-approved providers for overseas student health care cover in one place by visiting www.oshcaustralia.com.au to buy your policy and have it in minutes.