Orientation to the College and the Course

Student services staff will organise your orientation. On your first day at our College the team will welcome you, answer your questions and give you information. This is called student orientation.

The orientation program includes:
About the College and welcome Student support services available to students Course timetable and delivery Log in and using the online systems at our College
Rules of the College Course progress requirements Attendance requirements USI (Unique Student Identifier) set up
Contact persons at our College Emergencies 24/7 mobile phone Tour of the facilities and resources Use of computers and mobile phones and devices
Use of printer and photocopier Maintenance of the equipment Help outside – legal services Medical information and emergency and health services
Complaints and appeals processes Work visas Safety using public transport How to keep your property safe
Walking tour of the area Overseas Student Ombudsman RPL (Recognition) and Credit Transfer (Advanced standing or exemption) College transfer